“ECO-CONSULTANTS S.A.”, is an independent private research and consultancy institution founded in 1992 by highly experienced executives. It is a dynamic organization producing research and studies, which are based upon organic collaboration of experienced scientists from different disciplines and the most modern technical infrastructure.

The company has been operating continuously since 1992, accumulating knowledge, experience, equipment, staff and especially the appreciation of its customers, the collaboration with many of them dating back to the early years of the company.

The company is fully qualified to take on competitive terms of research and studies by the State as well as by private entities and individuals.


Moreover, the company is a member of the:

  • Technical Chamber of Greece
  • Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (no ACCI 318285-241)
  • European association Euroreso, since 1999, based in Rome, Italy, that has established a network among its members to develop common strategies and to promote economic development in partner countries.
  • And has established a quality management system that is in compliance with the requirements of the International Standard ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015.

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