Areas of Expertise

The company’s operation regards carrying out studies, consulting services, conducting research projects, public awareness and professional training.

In particular, Eco-Consultants S.A. is active in the fields of:

  • Monitoring of natural Environment: Flora, Fauna and Habitats.
  • Applied Ecology in: Ecological Field Analysis, Environmental Auditing, Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment.
  • Environment Management of Natural Reserves and National Parks.
  • Ecological engineering: Land Restoration and Reclamation, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal, Wastewater and Sewage and Industrial Effluents Treatment and Disposal Plants.
  • Development and application of quality and environment management systems: EN ISO 22OOO (HACCP), EN ISO 9001:2000, EN ISO 14001:2004, EMAS.
  • Livestock Farms and Crops Design and Aquaculture Planning.
  • Labor’s health and safety conditions studies.

In particular, company is elaborating the following categories of studies

  1. Environmental Impact Assessment
    • 1a. Transport Networks
    • 1b. Hydraulics & Port Plants
    • 1c. Infrastructures
    • 1d.Tourism Facilities
    • 1e. Aquaculture & Livestock Establishments
    • 1f. Industrial Facilities
    • 1g. Renewable energy establishments
    • 1h. Transport of Energy, Fuel & Chemicals
  2. Ecological field analysis and Monitoring (Flora, Fauna and Habitats) of protected areas
  3. Environment analysis and delimitation of protected areas
  4. Protected Areas Management Plans
  5. Other Environmental Studies
  6. Wastewater treatment plants, sewage and industrial effluents disposal, solid waste treatment and disposal, emissions treatment
  7. Land restoration and reclamation
  8. Aquaculture Studies
  9. Agriculture Studies
  10. Promotion, Development and Exploitation studies
  11. Consulting in implementing of quality and environment management systems (ISO, EMAS, HACCP)
  12. EU Projects


The company is registered according to the Hellenic and the European legislation (Dir. 92/50/EC) to the National Register of Research and Consulting Firms (No 357) in the following categories and codes:

Studies CategoriesΚατ.Code
Chemical studies and surveys 17 Γ
Agricultural Studies 23 Γ
Replantation planning and plant engineering studies 25 Γ
Fishery and Aquaculture Studies 26 Γ
Environmental Studiesς 27 Δ

In order to support its works and projects the company owns all the necessary technical infrastructure and equipment.